Who We Are

RPISEC is the resident computer security club at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. We are an entirely student-run organization that was founded to provide a safe haven for students interested in learning about and exploring the esoteric world of computer security.

At our core we are a group of self-taught security enthusiasts who enjoy sharing our knowledge with those genuinely interested in learning. We believe that education should be free, and do our best to prepare resources, organize meetings, and host events completely on our own time.

What We Do

  • Weekly Meetings

  • On a weekly basis the club hosts educational interactive presentations open to the entire student body covering technical subjects of the field or trending security topics. Our meeting subjects include but are not limited to learning practical skills in binary exploitation, assembly level reverse engineering, malware analysis, web security, cryptography, network security, digital forensics, and even lockpicking.

  • Capture The Flag

  • RPISEC tends to participate in computer security competitions known as CTFs. It's our goal to compete in as many CTFs as possible throughout the year, time and classes permitting. We have experience in both attack/defend and jeopardy styled CTFs, and have competed both online and onsite for a number of competitions. RPISEC has a pretty good track record, ranking among the top US university teams.

  • Provide Resources

  • In 2014 RPISEC was granted sole allocation of a room on campus thanks to the RPI Computer Science Department. The club has pushed its CTF winnings & outside donations towards actively developing this room into a collaborative workspace housing additional security resources and hardware, available exclusively to active members of RPISEC.

  • Connect With Industry

  • Networking with industry is something we value highly. We have a number of connections with relevant companies and their security teams, allowing us to easily recommend capable members to the right people for internship & fulltime job opportunities. We are always looking to grow our list of contacts, so please get in touch if you would like to open a channel between your company and RPISEC!

  • Everything Else

  • Among other things, we actively bring in guest speakers from industry to give talks at our weekly meetings, attend security conferences, particpate in community outreach, and secure additonal resources for the use of the club and its memebers.

Joining RPISEC

If you're a student at RPI and would like to join RPISEC, please click here and fill out the google form and that's it! You'll be added to the club mailing list soon after.

We try not to spam, but we're a fairly active club so you can expect at least one email a week announcing the weekly meeting abstract along with the time & place. Our weekly meetings and events are obviously not mandatory! We're just a student club, not a class or honors organization. There is however an activity requirement to acquire and maintain card access to the collaborative workspace - a perk reserved for active members of the club.


President - Josh Ferrell

Vice President - Jack Phillips

Secretary - Glenn Smith

Treasurer - Matt Raneri

Sysadmin - Kevin & Luke


A handful of companies have recognized our passion towards security as both a club and as individuals. We extend our gratitude to these organizations for providing both monetary support and some amazing resources to further enable our vision for RPISEC.

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