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Getting in Touch

We'd love to hear from you, and sending an email is the easiest way to get ahold of us. Anything sent to the address below will automatically forward to the current club officers who you can expect to hear back from within 24 hours. We've included our PGP key incase you're into that sorta thing.


PGP: Public Key

Alternative Mediums

If you would like a more immediate or informal conversation, a number of our members and alumni hang out in the RPISEC IRC with active banter happening on a daily basis. Otherwise you can always tweet @RPISEC or drop us a message on our Facebook Page.

Joining RPISEC

If you're a student at RPI and would like to join RPISEC, please click here and fill out the google form and that's it! You'll be added to the club mailing list soon after.

We try not to spam, but we're a fairly active club so you can expect at least one email a week announcing the weekly meeting abstract along with the time & place. Our weekly meetings and events are obviously not mandatory! We're just a student club, not a class or honors organization. There is however an activity requirement to acquire and maintain card access to the collaborative workspace - a perk reserved for active members of the club.

Stay Connected

We use a few channels to communicate and keep people informed about what we're up to. Follow us on social media, or join us on IRC to stay connected and up to date.


Facebook Page

IRC Server
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