Workspace Overview

The Security Workspace

The workspace is a RPISEC owned room on campus that exists in the basement of Amos Eaton, room B3. It's a room that we envision to become a hacker space or collaborative work environment to house club owned resources and provide a place for members to hang out and explore subjects of security. The room is an access controlled environment, restricted to only active members of RPISEC.

As of August 2014 the space is in a very early stage of development as we work to populate it on a shoestring budget consisting of CTF winnings and external donations. If you would like to contribute or help us out in any way, please let us know!

Access Requirements

As we work towards getting the room into a more functional state, we will announce the formal requirements to access the RPISEC workspace shortly.

The requirements will primarily be based off of meetings and CTF attendance, keeping the room exclusive to active participants of RPISEC.

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