Meetings Overview

General Meetings

Location: CII 4050
Time: Fridays 5-7 PM

Every Friday we hold an interactive, educational meeting about various technical subjects within security. We teach computer security skills, tools, and techniques to anyone who is interested. These topics include, but aren't limited to, web security, memory corruption, cryptography, reverse engineering, malware analysis, and even lockpicking. We also frequently host speakers from industry who give talks about projects they're working on in the real world, and advertise opportunities for students within their organization.

We post all of our meeting notes on The Ark. Note that Ark is accessible only on the RPI campus.


Location: Union 3510/3511
Time: Tuesdays 7PM

INTROSEC meetings are designed for the absolute beginner -- we assume no prior experience in security. Starting with the command line, we take an introductory approach to material covered in the general meetings. In addition to lectures, we run a semester long CTF that aims to teach members the skills necessary to complete more realistic challenges.

More information can be found at

Meetings Notes

We post all of our meetings, CTFs, and events on our calendar. On it you can find details about meetings and upcoming industry speakers.

If you're a student at RPI and would like to join RPISEC, please fill out the form in the 'Joining RPISEC' section on our contact page. You'll be added to the club mailing list soon after.

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